Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club

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Club Hives Spring 2014

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Look at this gorgeous beauty!

Peter went to the club hives and took a bunch of photos. Here's the full spread (PDF file).

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 April 2014 15:25

April 20 Club Meeting

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Greetings fellow beekeepers!

It's time to check your bees, feed the light hives, and analyze why your hives did (or did not) survive this long, cold winter. If you need help with this, the Club is offering our first, hands-on Deadout Clinic on Saturday, April 19 at the Cooperative Extension building. Check out the information below for details.

April's meeting will happen as scheduled on April 20, from 2-4pm at the Cooperative Extension building. We hope this doesn't conflict with Easter plans for you. We did a quick poll and rather than reschedule (which has not worked well in the past) we decided to keep the regular meeting date.

For our April meeting, we have invited Janet Allen to talk about pollinator gardens. Whether you keep bees for honey, or simply for pleasure, you can also cultivate your garden or garden box to support native pollinators. Janet is president and co-founder of the local Wild Ones chapter Habitat Gardening in Central New York. She is a past member of the Wild Ones Board of Directors.

From Janet's web site:

Our yard, located in Central New York, is more than just a place to sit and relax, more than just a garden.

It's a habitat where birds, butterflies, bees, toads, and other little creatures can find food, water, cover, and a place to raise their young; a place where there are no pesticides or herbicides used that would be unhealthy for these creatures or for people.It's a place that's full of life—a very exciting place to be.

It's the kind of place you, too, can have in your own yard, whether you have an apartment balcony, a city lot, or acreage in the country.

We will be reaching out to gardening groups in the area, so expect this meeting to be well attended.

This will be our last indoor meeting -- next month we're back at the hives!

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 March 2014 20:57

FLBC Deadout Clinic

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On Saturday April 19, 2014
, from 1-3 pm, the FLBC will host a NY Bee Wellness-supported deadout clinic to evaluate why ONE of your hives did not survive the winter. THIS IS A TEACHING CLINIC! The instructors will teach YOU how to autopsy your hives, and therefore you will gain important skills you can carry back in to you apiary for years to come.

We have a limited number of spaces to accommodate participants, and a few spots available for people to just come, observe and learn. Priorities for all slots will be given to FLBC club members.

We do have space for non-members as participants! Our observer slots are FULL, so we are wait listing folks for observers.

You will receive a confirmation email within a week of registration, with important instructions on what you need to bring to the clinic, and where to mail your registration fees to secure your spot in the clinic. The fees collected will cover the costs of the room rental, light snacks and Bee Wellness supplies and expertise.

Registration fees: $5 per observer, $15 FLBC member ($20 nonmembers, space permitting). Light snacks will be provided.

Register online here.

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 March 2014 21:37

Where to Buy Bees - 2014

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Before you decided what kind of bees to buy, peruse this helpful resource from the Bee Wellness folks.

Nucleus packages

The Club will be buying 40 nucs again from Wixon's. After our January 19 meeting, we will post information on costs and how to reserve them. This service is available to Club members only and limited to three nucs per person.

We have sold out of nucs for 2014.

If you ordered one and were uncertain about needing it, you will certainly be able to sell it by posting to the Club list. Just please let Marjorie Pryse know so that I know who will be picking up the nuc you ordered.

If you are in a place where you need more than three nucs, here is a list of apiaries from 2013. This doesn't constitute an endorsement by the FLBC, just a resource to help you source bees for your hives.

Company Location Contact
Anarchy Apiaries
Betterbee Greenwich, NY
Dadant Waverly, NY
HoneyRock Farm Ithaca, NY
Johnston's Honeybee Farm
(Sold out 2014)
Eaton, NY
Morse Mills Honey Co Moravia, NY 315-497-0549
Natures Way Farm Lowman, NY
Wixon's Honey Dundee, NY


Package bees

Thanks to Club member Christina Wahl for providing this list of package bee suppliers.

Aaron Morris will have packages from Wilbanks (Georgia) by May 2.  He will charge $105.

Betterbee will have Italian packages, also from Wilbanks, for delivery on the last weekend in April.  They will also offer Russian bees later in April, depending on the supplier's schedule.  See their website for details.  Prices are about the same as Aaron's.

Mann Lake's new facility in Wilkes Barre will have packages April 5, 9, 26, at $99.50, with a $20 gift certificate to their catalog.

If you sell bees near Ithaca, NY and you would like to be listed here, please email us with your information.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 February 2014 20:56

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Upcoming Events

Sat Apr 19 @13:00 - 15:00
Deadout Clinic
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FLBC Meeting - Pollinator Gardens


My worst enemy this winter was